Towing groups

Towing units for the building sector

These are pulling units and are used in the construction sector, they are used to unroll and straighten the metal wire for carpentry wound in coils. The project is owned by the client. These groups are accessories of very large machines and are produced in series exclusively on specific customer requirements.

The structure is in electro-welded metal and is worked with high precision machining centers.
In the lower part of the structure there are two driving wheels controlled by an electric motor applied to a planetary reduction gear. On the upper part there are the idle wheels, these are sprung and guarantee the contact of the iron rod to the drive wheels.

The wires that can be introduced into this system may vary in diameter, and the latter is determined by the initial wire guide.
With this system, in addition to straightening the metal wire, it is also possible to measure it by means of an encoder positioned on idle wheels.

gruppi di traino settore edilizia
gruppi di traino srotolare fili metallici carpenteria

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